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August 20, 2022

Courtney LaSalle

Couples Sessions Are for Everyone!

Let’s Focus on all you beautiful couples out there! I am super passionate about photographing all things love & romance. What better way to start my first blog post than to explain why I genuinely believe every couple should have photos done? And don’t come after me, but I think it needs to be annual.

Sessions with your significant other give us a chance to document who you are, how you interact with each other, and see how y’all have grown. These sessions can be much more spontaneous, curated to who ya’ll are, What y’all love, and create real connections and emotions.
The result is photos that capture your personalities and the chemistry between you!

Just Because Date Night Sessions

There are plenty of reasons to book a Just Because Couples session. Maybe you want to try something other than dinner & movie. It can be hard to think of unique date ideas when we fall into a routine. But what’s better than getting dressed up and spending quality time together?! We can even hang out and do things the two of you enjoy!

I can be your FAVORITE third wheel and accompany you to places you enjoy or hobbies you have! Like bowling? Let’s go, y’all can have all the fun, and I will sit back and capture it for you! Want to relax in the park and have a nice intimate picnic? Let’s do it!

These just because sessions are also enjoyable if you want to go out and explore. We can head to Houston, Louisiana, or anywhere you have your little heart set on! I know here in Beaumont, Texas, downtown is adorable, but we have options. You don’t have to stay in town.

Engagement Photos for Couples in Love

Engagement photos are a great example of a couples session and are a perfect way to connect during the stress of wedding planning. We’ll choose a spot that is meaningful to you or simply a place you feel comfortable.

Don’t worry about “knowing what to do” or “not knowing how to pose”! These sessions aim to show your connection and happiness! I will lead you through with light prompting and lots of interaction! You will be so focused on each other that you won’t have time to think about my camera in front of you! No forced or awkward poses here! From there, your personalities and your comfort level lead the way!

Most couples tell me that even if they were initially nervous before the session, it quickly melted away as they were able to spend some time with the person they love.

Couples Sessions Are Great For Married Couples, Too

We take hundreds of photos of our kids over the years, but you know what they will treasure someday? Photos of Mom and Dad!

Sometimes as married couples (I’m talking about me too), we forget to nurture our marriage. We let our lives get in the way. Work, kids, and extracurricular activities, we forget to take time to connect. A session with your spouse is a great way to reconnect. We’ll head out for an adventure, chat about what’s happening in each other’s lives and let your personalities shine through!

Let’s just put it this way; if you haven’t had a great photo of the two of you in the last year, you need a couples session!

Show Your Love With a Couple’s Session

Why not book a couples session today? It’s the perfect way to show your love for each other! And don’t forget to make a date night out of it! All you need to do is contact me, and we’ll work together to create the ideal location, look and feel you want.

“I see what you meant by not doing so many poses photos—but capturing the looks and the movement! It makes these pictures so special!!! I am so thankful we crossed paths! I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am!” 


Contact me to talk about a couples session. I promise it’s something you’ll treasure forever!

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