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March 2, 2023

Courtney LaSalle

Documentary Style Wedding photography

Documentary photography can be the perfect option because you never have to feel like you are performing for the camera. My approach to photography allows you to explore your thoughts and feelings about the person you love without feeling self-conscious about what pictures might be taken. This allows you to really LIVE your wedding day!

The look and the feel will be evident in your photos because you won’t be put in any awkward poses that you would never do as a couple!  As a documentary photographer, I want to capture natural moments as they happen- without staging or interfering with your natural emotions.

Documentary Wedding Photography is Personal to the Couple

The best thing about documentary photography is that it can be personal and introspective. You can look back at your photos years from now and remember the exact feeling you were experiencing when the photograph was taken. That cannot be replicated with any other type of photography.

Documentary photography often appeals to people who describe themselves as “introverts” because you don’t need to be the center of attention. In fact, you will probably be happier if you can stay in the background and observe the action unfold!

Documentary Wedding Photography is Timeless

One of the best things about documentary wedding photography is its timelessness. Your photos will never look dated, no matter how many trends come and go.

This is because documentary wedding photography is about capturing real moments- the emotions and feelings of your wedding day. You will want to show your children and grandchildren these photos!

Documentary Does Not Mean I don’t Do Formal Wedding Photos!

Part of my job as a wedding photographer is documenting all the important aspects of a wedding day. This includes formal family photos. So tell your mom not to freak out. I definitely do those!

However, I work really closely with my couples to create a wedding timeline to do those photos quickly and efficiently. We review every combination of photos you want (and some you might not have thought of!). I take into account travel time, weather conditions, and any other things that I know have a habit of coming up on a wedding day (like what happens when that one groomsman goes missing!)

Then, we’ll move on to doing couples photos of just the two of you.  Hopefully, these photos will be taken in a location that is special to you. I’ll work with you to ensure they reflect your personality as a couple.

Documentary Wedding Photography in Texas

Documentary photography is an excellent choice for couples who want a natural, unstaged look for their wedding photos. If this sounds like YOU, I want to discuss being your wedding photographer. 

I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Beaumont, Texas. But I am available for Travel! Get in touch and tell me about your wedding day plans.

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